The Benefits of Hive Smart Controls

Getting a Hive smart thermostat is a great way to have increased control over the temperature in your home, as well as helping to lower your energy bills. If you are looking for a way to maximise your home heating, then why not get a Hive thermostat installed in your home today? Keep reading to find out some of the benefits of Hive Smart Controls.

Hive thermostats are easy to use

Hive thermostats have a very user-friendly interface, making them easy to use as soon as they are installed. When you get your thermostat, you will soon get to grips with the way it works, which puts them ahead of the competition. It is easy to check whether your heating is on using the app, so you can always see exactly what is happening with your home heating. Your app also allows you to do other handy things, such as turning up the heating from the comfort of your bed.

Hive adapts to your schedule

You can easily program your Hive so it understands when you need your home heating and to what temperature. For example, if your home is empty between 9 and 3, there is no need to use any heating during this time. You simply tell Hive when you will be home and it will make sure your home is warm just in time. This way your home will always be cosy and warm, without wasting energy when you don't need to. As a result, you get to enjoy having lower energy bills, with no downsides at all!

Hive thermostats are easy to program

If you are going away on holiday, you can tell your Hive that you do not need your home heating during this period. Your normal schedule will be paused and resumed automatically when you tell it you will be home. This way you can come back to a warm home, without wasting energy while you are away.

Need a Hive thermostat in Bracknell?

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