Underfloor Heating vs Radiators for Your Home

Underfloor heating has a lot of benefits over radiators, as well as looking much more attractive in your home. It can be a big commitment to change the way you heat your home, so you need to be sure it is the right choice for you. It for are thinking of making the switch, keep reading to find out why it is such a great idea!

Heat distribution

Underfloor heating produces radiant heat that makes you feel warmer, faster. Radiant heat warms up the objects within the room first, rather than heating the air. They also work by heating the ground upwards, working very evenly to cover the whole area.

With radiators, they heat the surrounding area using convention. The heat rises towards the ceiling and creates a flow of warm air in the room. This may produce uneven heating through the room.

Temperature control

Underfloor heating is usually installed separately in each room, allowing you to change the temperature of each room individually. This temperature control is great for so many different reasons, such as efficiency and comfort.

You can achieve a similar thing with radiators if you have a smart thermostat installed. However, this is another cost for you to consider and something else to keep updated.


Having underfloor heating leaves no physical traces in your home. You are able to have any flooring you like, as underfloor heating is compatible with tiles, wood, lino, carpet and many more. Having no radiators in your rooms can help them to feel more open and spacious, allowing you to decorate each wall as you choose.


As underfloor heating is secured below your floor, it requires very little maintenance if installed correctly. This is because it is safely stored away, making it difficult for any issues to occur.

On the other hand, radiators can require a lot of maintenance, such as powerflushes and needing to bleed them periodically.

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